Gary’s work is held private collections of Jackie Onassis,  Ronald Reagan, Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, Reggie Jackson, Harmon Killebrew, Cairo Maguel, Jerome Bettis, Ernie Banks, Clete Boyer, Whitey Ford, and many others.


An extremely blessed and talented commercial artist, Gary Longordo, is widely know for inspiring religious and patriotic themes, his subjects range from John the Baptist to Nascar notable Kyle Petty.

With rare dedication to integrity Longordo works in rich traditions of the Renaissance era. Working with a mixed media, such as airbrush, acrylic, pastel, dry brush, pencil, and pen and ink to capture his subject’s true essence.

Gary V. Longordo


1970 – 1975

DuCret School of Art

Visual Arts School in NYC

Spectrum Institute for Arts in NJ

2001 • Studied Renaissance Art in Italy

Work History

While attending art school Gary seized the opportunity to work in the comic book industry as an ink boy, or “inker” for Murphy Anderson (Superman artist) and Frank Zuccarelli (Batman artist).

His art training eventually led him to enroll in law enforcement academies in New Jersey, Florida and Texas, where he began doing composite sketches.  To hone his skills Gary studied anatomy and medical illustrations for five years.  Over the decades, he has worked with agencies such as Naval Investigation Services, The Secret Service and The Canadian Mounties.  All of his talent and skills have made Gary Longordo one of the country’s most sought after and successful forensic artists, FBI crime solver, reconstruction specialist, master of the composite sketch and medical illustrator.  He is a soft spoken, behind the scenes, American hero using his talents for the public good.

Beyond his police work, Gary has developed quite a resume in commercial art.  He has been commissioned by the Marilyn Monroe Foundation, MLB Celebrities, major Broadway productions including Evita and Sweeney Todd, the New York Yankees, 500 Home Run Club, Cal Ripken’s Ironclad, Yao Ming Foundation, Willie Stargel Foundation, M & M’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wise, Heinz, Conair and Playboy Magazine are some of his clients. He also helped design jewelry  for Peter Max.

Gary is the creator of celebrity cakes for the 5th generation family bakery and has whipped up portraits in icing for legendary figures such as Michael Jordan, Stephen King, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Eddie Van Halen and countless others!