Longordo Signature4x5

Gary Longordo is an American artist best known for his Sports and Celebrity Portraits. These portraits are done in a Photo Realism style using several mediums to create a true to life portrait.

He has developed his technique over a lifetime of experimenting with all types of paint, brush, pencils, pens and ink. With many years of experience using airbrush, Gary has created a unique style that can be mistaken for a photograph.

Gary’s process begins with research on the subject, a sketch that assures proper perspective. When this is finished he will draw on the canvas and work relentlessly on detail until he feels his subject is evokes a portrayal of emotion that captures his subjects personality and story.

“ I lose myself in a commission because I put myself there, with telling the subjects story. Using, airbrush and my particular set of skills I create a one of a kind painting for each individual client. My focus on them and their personality is the most important aspect of my work.”